Interior Designer Colorado

About Carriann

Milwaukee, WI
April 8, 1975
2 older brothers, Dan and Ron
Best childhood memory:
Decorating the Christmas tree
Grew up:
In a white colonial on a hill (the perfect sledding hill!)
First job:
Walmart at age 15
Fairly traditional. Mom stayed home, dad worked (too much). Went fishing at our cabin in Northern Wisconsin on the weekends. A suburban neighborhood with about 80 homes and plenty of diversity. With 2 older brothers, I grew up more tomboy than anything – tree climbing, building forts, and swimming at the local fishing hole.
High School:
Mukwonago High School
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
Previous jobs:
Sales clerk, waitress, computer specialist, graphic designer, Art director, Sales & Marketing Manager.
First art memory:
Received an art award at age 4 for drawing of a bear
Distinct about style:
A space that’s an extension of yourself.
2 Shih Tzu’s (Elmo & and Diesel)
Favorite color:
Best quality:
Worst quality:
Favorite music:
Classic 70’s rock, 80’s music
Favorite band:
Fleetwood Mac
Favorite place:
Anywhere in The Rocky Mountains
Palm trees or pine trees:
Pine trees